Fee Schedule


Share Draft Account Fees

Overdraft $30.00 per item
NSF $30.00 per item
Cancelled Check Copy $3.00 per item
Stop Payment $30.00 per request
Share Draft Printing Prices may vary depending upon style
Courtesy Pay $30 per item
ACH Returned Item $30.00 per item


Other Service Fees (applicable to all accounts)

Account Reconciliation $15.00/Hour
Returned Statement $3
Account Research $15.00/Hour
Statement Copy $2.00/Statement Copy
Deposited Item Return $15.00/Item
Wire Transfer (Outgoing) $15.00/Transfer
International Wire $25.00/Transfer
Telephone Transfer $3.00/Transfer
Account Closure $5.00 if closed within 90 days of opening
Balance Inquiry $3.00/Inquiry
Credit Union Check $1.00
Money Order $1.00
Card Replacement
(Debit and Credit Card)


Safe Deposit Box

3″ X 5″ Box $20.00/Year
5″ x 5″ Box $25.00/Year
3″ x 10″ Box $30.00/Year
5″ x 10″ Box $50.00/Year
10″ x 10″ Box $100/Year
Change of Lock Price may vary depending on locksmith charge
Drilling of Box Price may vary depending on locksmith charge
Nonrefundable Key Deposit $10.00


Online Bill Payment

Popmoney/Send Money Next Day Delivery up to $2.00 
Popmoney/Request Money up  to  $1.50
 Stop Payment $20.00


Visa Travel Money Card

Card Purchase $7.95
Reload $2.00



effective 10/08/2015